Forager is a food subscription service that is based on the Blood Type Diet*. We take you back to your ancestral roots; back to when humans had to forage their own food and fend for themselves. As humans evolved and migrated so did their diets and in turn, so did their blood types.

In the design and branding of Forager I really wanted to be able to portray the idea of clean eating that is fast and easy. With that being said, I photographed all the food and laid it on a clean white background. The branding and identity of Forager uses no artificial flavors or colors in their menu and their design.

By combining hand lettering and photography Forager is being portrayed as an organic and trustworthy company. When a customer sees the food they are going to eat, they will be that much more interested in the company. 

*Blood Type Diet: Eat Right For Your Type by Dr. Peter J D'Adamo