Nature Exhibition

The Nature and the American Vision exhibition, located in one of three major rotating exhibitions at the Milwaukee Art Museum, encompasses the beauty of the American landscape in the 19th-century. This exhibition was filled with monumental paintings dating all the way back to the 1800's, yet were still relevant to today's social issues.

As lead designer it was my goal to create a graphic identity for the exhibition that could be applied to print, web, and exhibition design. Process included researching the exhibition and the variety of artists including Thomas Cole, Frederick Edwin Church, Louisa Minot, and more; collaborating with the curator, exhibition designers, and design team to come up with an identity for the show. 

With a large folder of process inspiration and ideas, the identity ended up being something that could be cherished at a large and small scale, much like the exhibtion itself. The chosen typeface "Bajka"—Polish for fairytale, is both dreamy and substantial; it helped create a delicate but historical identity. When paired with the detailed images of the works of art in the show, Bajka was able to help tell the story of the natural world, how we treat it, and how it treats us.

This exhibition has been organized by the New-York Historical Society.
This exhibition is supported by an indemnity from the Federal Council on the Arts and the Humanities.
Additional support provided by the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Friends of Art.
Program sponsorship provided by the Milwaukee Art Museum’s American Arts Society.

Brandon Ruud, Constance & Dudley J. Godfrey, Jr. Curator of American Art & Decorative Arts
David Russick, Exhibition Designer
Jessica Steeber, Design Coordinator
Dana Christopherson, Lead Graphic Designer
Nate Pyper, Graphic Designer, Art Direction, Motivator, and Go-To guy
Christina Dittrich, Senior Editor