Paper Play

Paper is the first art material given to most kids. It can be folded, cut, and curled, drawn on, and glued together. It can be made into an airplane, a spiral,
and a weaving. This exhibition explores how six contemporary artists use skills first taught in kindergarten to make their works with paper.
From this one simple material, they have made all kinds of art: colorful abstract weavings, finely cut shadow boxes, and swooping folded sculptures.

Kohl's Art Generation is a partnership between the Milwaukee Art Museum and Kohl's Cares.

Paper Play: Kindergarten to Contemporary Art
Dana Christopherson, Lead Graphic Designer
Christina Dittrich, Senior Editor
Brigid Globensky, Barbara Brown Lee Senior Director of Education & Programs
Emily Sullivan, Director of Youth and Family Programs

Exhibition photos by John R. Glembin.