How Posters Work

How Posters Work explores the purpose, design thinking, and history of poster design.
Organized into categories such as overlap, simplify, and double the meaning, visitors could
see over 80 posters by an array of graphic designers such as Paul Rand, Lucian
Bernhard, and Wisconsin's own Louis Ehlert, John J. Reiss, and John Rieben. The
Museum collaborated with Sonnenzimmer, a Chicago based print studio, to create the
identity and custom poster.

Collateral: Layout and produce title wall; section texts and object labels; 16 page family
guide; gallery guide (folds out into a poster)

Identity and back of poster: Sonnenzimmer
Poster Gif: Laurelyn Savannah Photography
Gallery photos by: John R. Glembin
How Posters Work was organized by Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum.
Sponsored by: The Terri and Verne Holoubek Family Foundation
Additional support provided by the Milwaukee Art Museum's Print Forum
Exhibition Education Sponsor: Cargill