Razz Mints

Packaging Design | Hand Lettering | Illustration | Branding

“Suck, bite, taste, nibble, lick & drool over the succulent taste of RAZZ breath mints and hard candy. These flavorful tablets will blow the socks off your taste buds. So, get to it! Put the spark back into your mouth!"

RAZZ is a fresh new brand of mints and hard candies that encompass the idea of nostalgia, antiquity and humor. RAZZ’s mission is to recreate the modern day, bland, repetitive, and overdone mint world by creating an identity that is full of edge, pop, and attitude while still keeping an antique aesthetic inspired by past mint tin designs.

RAZZ breath mints and hard candy come packaged in a metal tin box. Each tin's cover was hand drawn and then etched into metal and riveted to the tin itself. These unique covers create Razz's identity and make them stand out beside other mint and gum packaging.